New Journey

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about starting a blog.  Today, I made it happen, and I am very excited about this new journey.  I decided to blog about being 40 (plus) to allow an open forum for all women experiencing life at 40.  Just a few days ago, I turned 45, but do not feel a day over 30;-).  Happy Birthday to Me!

Today, life has a new journey for me, I know it!  I would love to bring women together from all walks of life, and experience what 40 is all about.  I know 40 will eventually turn to 50, 60, 70, etc, who cares!  I will continue to blog about age as long I can blog, and hope you all enjoy my topics,  share ideas, personal experiences or any life challenges.

Please join my blog!  Feel free to email me, or respond to any of my blogs.  I’d like to hear from you.  Stay tuned for my next blog, hope you enjoy it.


Hot Flashes

For a couple of months now, I’ve been experiencing symptoms of hot flashes caused by menopause.  From one extreme to another, I go from being really cold, to heat running up my body and becoming extremely hot and begin to perspire.  Hot flashes are no joke, and as a woman in her 40’s, I guess this is what it’s all about.  How do we get through this?  It is my understanding that not all women experience hot flashes, and to those who don’t, you are very, very lucky!  However, for us women who experience these hot flashes with no warning whatsoever, I sympathize with you.

Hot flashes creep up with no warning, and can happen at any time of day or night, and it doesn’t matter how cold your surroundings are.  You will feel that rush of heat crawl up your body, begin to perspire, and you will feel the need to remove all your clothing.  I’ve read up on the symptom and causes, and to my surprise, if you’re one of those unlucky women who will experience hot flashes, you will have to go through it, no matter what.

Some preventative measures you can take are avoiding caffeinated drinks and consuming alcoholic beverages.  Maintaining a health balanced diet also helps, and there are also natural supplements you can take to help with the symptoms.  Natural supplements can be found at your local pharmacy.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog about Hot Flashes.

If you are experiencing symptoms of hot flashes, please share your story.  Email me with any remedies, or other preventative supplements which can help other women experiencing the same.

Talk to you soon 🙂